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Verrill Dana, LLP

Verrill Dana, LLP is one of New England's preeminent regional law firms. With offices in Portland and Augusta, ME; Boston, MA; Westport, CT; Providence, RI; and Washington D.C. Verrill Dana provides sophisticated legal representation to businesses and individuals in the traditional areas of litigation, real estate, business law, labor and employment law, employee benefits, environmental law, intellectual property and estate planning.  The Firm also has industry-focused specialties including higher education, health care and health technology, energy, and timberlands. 

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(PODCAST) The Massachusetts Pregnant Workers Fairness Act: New Requirements for Employers

The latest episode of the Verrill Voices podcast, featuring labor and employment attorney Joanna Bowers, discusses the new Massachusetts Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, which imposes new obligations and requirements on employers that employers must be aware of and be prepared to address as soon as April 1, 2018. The new law addresses three broad obligations for employers: it prohibits discrimination on the basis of pregnancy and pregnancy related conditions; requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations to pregnant employees and applicants; and requires employers to provide employees notice of their right to be free from discrimination and their right to reasonable accommodations. 

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Zika in the Workplace: Best Practices for Not Getting Bit with Liability

There are things we all need to know about Zika: 1) it is spread mostly by an infected Aedes species mosquito; 2) it can be passed from a pregnant woman to her fetus; 3) there is no vaccine or medicine for Zika; and 4) confirmed cases of the Zika virus have been identified in the United States.  While there are a whole host of things we still need to learn about the virus, there are a number of things you as an employer need to be mindful of when it comes to this virus

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Nine Months Later Supreme Court "Delivers"

Yesterday the Supreme Court issued its much-anticipated opinion on the Pregnancy Discrimination Act in Young v. UPS vacating the Fourth Circuit’s (and District Court’s) grant of summary judgment in favor of the employer, UPS. We’ve previously discussed the background of the case here and here, but for our new readers, the general overview is that Ms. Young sued her employer UPS after it refused to accommodate her lifting restrictions during the course of her pregnancy. UPS’s policy was that it would make work accommodations in three discrete instances: 1) on the job injury; 2) after an employee fails a DOT certification; and 3) if an accommodation is necessary under the ADA. UPS argued that Ms. Young’s pregnancy fell into none of the three exceptions and thus no accommodation for her lifting restriction could be made and she remained out of work the whole of her pregnancy.

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Massachusetts Maternity Leave Rights Extended to Males

On his last day in office, Governor Deval Patrick signed into law an amendment to the Massachusetts Maternity Leave Act (“MMLA”), extending coverage of the Act to male employees. The new law will go into effect April 7, 2015, and will provide male employees the same rights afforded to female employees: eight weeks of job-protected leave for the birth or adoption of a child. The law was further expanded to cover leaves of absence for the placement of a child with an employee pursuant to court order. The MMLA applies to employers with six or more employees.

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