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Verrill Dana, LLP is one of New England's preeminent regional law firms. With offices in Portland and Augusta, ME; Boston, MA; Westport, CT; Providence, RI; and Washington D.C. Verrill Dana provides sophisticated legal representation to businesses and individuals in the traditional areas of litigation, real estate, business law, labor and employment law, employee benefits, environmental law, intellectual property and estate planning.  The Firm also has industry-focused specialties including higher education, health care and health technology, energy, and timberlands. 

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Wacky Wednesday: Fear and Loathing in Elementary Education

Last week, the Sixth Circuit ruled that a former Ohio public school teacher who was suffering from pedophobia(the fear of young children), had not presented an Americans with Disabilities Act or Age Discrimination Claim. The Plaintiff requested the school district accommodate Plaintiff’s disability, pedophobia, by transferring her from her middle school position to a Spanish teaching position at the high school. No such position, however, was available, and therefore the Court found that the requested accommodation was unreasonable as an employer “need not create new jobs [or] displace existing employees.”

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Six Geese a Laying . . . And How Not to Get Your Goose Cooked With a Pregnancy Discrimination Claim

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love fell back on providing me with birds—he clearly did not get the hint that I preferred the rings. But since we are speaking about laying eggs and the miracle of child-birth (or chick birth), let us get down to what employers really should be paying attention to right now—the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.

Earlier this month, there was significant media attention regarding the Supreme Court’s hearing of Young v. United Parcel Serv., Inc., NO. 12-1226, in which the Court heard argument as to whether UPS had violated the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (“PDA”) when it offered light duty jobs as an accommodation to workers who were injured on the job but refused to extend the same accommodations to pregnant employees who had similar work restrictions. In July we discussed the EEOC’s recently updated guidance which indicated that it was the EEOC’s position that the PDA requires employers to offer light duty work to pregnant employees who need job modifications if they make light duty work available to non-pregnant employees.

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It's the Holidays...Let's Call This the First Day of Christmas

If I had a true love, I don’t expect he would provide me with a partridge in a pear tree, he might—don’t get me wrong—but I think it is more likely that he would recognize that Maine temperatures aren’t currently the best climate for keeping a pear tree alive. He may, however, provide me with a partridge in an attempt to at least stick with the 12-days of Christmas theme despite the current temperatures. Partridges are not, however, native to New England, or North America in general, so he would really have to go out of his way to provide such an extraordinary gift. Of course I would not dissuade him from going above and beyond, but in this case, I’d likely prefer something other than a partridge. You by now are scratching your head—how does employment law come into play here? What is her take on the first gift in the much loved Christmas Carol, “The Twelve Days of Christmas”? 

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What to Expect from the EEOC When You Are Expecting: How the EEOC’s Recent Guidance Affects Employers in a Post-Hobby Lobby World

Contraceptives, accommodations, pregnancy, Hobby Lobby, these buzz words have employers and Human Resource professionals on their toes as to how to handle a seemingly regular (albeit wonderful and special) occurrence—child birth. And yesterday, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) decided to shake things up a bit by offering a bit of guidance that further complicates the “limited” Hobby Lobby ruling.

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